Analysis of Marketing Margins for Cassava Farmers and Traders in Siaya County, Kenya


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  • Patience Mshenga Author
  • Andre Louw Author


Cassava is one of the crops being promoted in response to climate change in different counties in Kenya. Siaya County in particular, has received support from various bodies because of cassava’s economic importance to the region. However, there is limited information on marketing margin analysis of cassava value chain. This paper computed the marketing margins as well as analyzed the determinants of the margins of cassava farmers and traders. Marketing margins were computed by comparing the differences between prices received by and paid for by actors. Multiple regression analysis was performed to identify determinants of cassava marketing margin. The findings revealed that the margins for traders were positively influenced by age, purchase times and experience of the household head. Transport and storage costs had a negative influence. Marketing margin for farmers was positively influenced by access to extension services and quantity sold. However, distance to the market had a negative influence. The study concludes that transport and storage costs reduce marketing margins of the actors.

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2023-06-26 — Updated on 2023-06-26